About Me

Near the middle of 2016 I stumbled into the rabbit hole of referral programs. It started simply with apps offering credit for me referring friends to sign up. I thought it was a pretty good deal, so after getting a few friends to sign up I created an instagram account to promote the offer. Unbeknownst to me, I had just unwitting started my journey into internet marketing.

After 3 months of playing with hashtags and posting very simple promo photos I hit the limit of referrals, which was 200. This kind of threw me off. On one hand I was amazing I referred that many people but on the other I wasn’t sure what to do next.

*Update* Mercari has since changed their referral program so I can promote it again. Get $10 off your first purchase when you sign up using my personal referral link. https://merc.li/G6bzJWb

I began looking for a way to leverage my social media promoting skills to make real money. Drop shipping was what I tried first. I am very interested in 3D printers so I created a website to sell them using drop shipping. After making my first sale, I realized all the logistical, customer service and return problems the drop shipping model contains. Next I decided to try and drop ship something at a lower cost to ship and buy. fidget spinners where all the rage at the time so I created a website to dropship fidget spinners. I was unable to make any sales on that website and became very frustrated with shop with drop shipping altogether. While that particular online business model was frustrating and expensive I did learn webmaster skills that would help me in the future. I also learned not to ride fads, they end in a race to the lowest price and everyone loses.

And so I began searching for a different type of online business model that didn’t have all the customer service, problems return, problems shipping problems, and inventory problems of dropship it through this research I discovered affiliate marketing.

My first understanding of what affiliate marketing is was a bit simple. I thought, this is easy I’ll just get my affiliate link for the product and drive traffic (people) to the link. Trust me this strategy does not work well.

This blog is for struggling affiliates who want to learn from my failures and successes. My goal is to save time and money for as many people as I can.