How To Make Money Promoting The Cash App

While I mainly focus on affiliate programs and offers I think referral programs are not a bad place for beginners to start.

The Cash App

The Cash App is a free to download and use app that allows you to send money to your friends fast and easily.

The first step to making money promoting the Cash app is simple enough. You will need to create an account. You can do this through my invite link here.

Once you have created an account you will be given a referral link. It can be found on the Cash app. It looks like this.

For every person who signs up through your link and uses the app (they must send at least $5 using the app) you will be paid $5. As a bonus the will get $5 as well.

*Note your referrals must –

1. Sign up through your referral link

2. Use the Cash app to send at least $5 to someone else.

Share With Your Contacts

If you have downloaded the Cash app to your phone and set up your account the Cash app makes it easy to share with your family and friends. Within the Cash app click on the person icon in the top left corner. It looks like this.

Then click on the “invite friends, get $5” button. It looks like this.

This will open your phone contacts and tell you who does and does not use the Cash app. You can send those who don’t have the Cash app an invite message here. Select those you would like to invite then click the invite button at the top right of the screen. It’s that easy!


You can also promote the Cash app on instagram. Every instagram account has a place in your profile for you to add a link. Add your the Cash app referral link here and add some info about it in your bio. You can also post photos directing people to the link in your bio.


YouTube is a great place to promote almost anything. There are many different types of videos you can make about the Cash app to promote it. Explainers, comparisons, reviews, walkthroughs, case studies and more! Go to YouTube and see what is working then make similar videos. Don’t for get to put your referral link in the description and have a call to action telling people to click on it and sign up.

Follow The Cash App On Twitter

Every Friday the Cash app has a giveaway on Twitter so I recommend people follow them and comment on posts with the hashtag #SuperCashAppFriday. You might just win some big money!


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