Recommended Tools

These are the tools that make this blog shine! If you want to know what tools Your Helpful Affiliate uses look no further.

*Disclaimer* The links on this page are affiliate and referral links for each respective tool. These links pay me a commission at no extra cost to you. I use and highly recommend all of the tools listed below.

Website Tools

Website Hosting – Bluehost


Chrome Extensions

For these I recommend being on your computer, since that is where they are used.

Honey App

Honey is a free downloadable internet browser extension that automatically finds promo codes, coupons.

Phone Apps

For these I recommend being on your phone, since that is where they are used.


Canva is a photo editor unlike any I have ever seen.

(You can sign up for Canva on your computer if you want.)


Fiverr is a marketplace for digital assistants.


Mercari is my favorite online marketplace for buying and selling.

The Cash App

Honestly I only use The Cash App for its referral program.


Ebates is a cashback app that saves me money when I shop.


Coinbase is a crypto currency exchange. It is a place you can buy and sell Bitcoin.

Free Trials


Audible has the largest selection of audiobooks and is super simple to use. This free trial will give you one month free on Audible and two free audiobooks.